Ubuntu :  "I am, because we are"‚Äč. Together we are one.

What unites us as people is far greater than what divides us.
Regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.
The world will become more loving and peaceful if we realize this more.
UbuntuAmulet is the symbol for this positive change in the world.
By wearing the amulet you show that you are part of this change.

The UbuntuAmulet brand-identity:
- the three persons, connecting their hands which looks like three hearts, represent the values: 
humanity, Inter-connectness and trust.

- the symbols placed between the heads, hands and hearts represent the unity in diversity: Buddhism, Atheism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

UbuntuAmulet has become part of LifeTree. 

Contact for more info: jeanne@lifetree.network

Our new website is planned to be launched on June 22nd 2018: